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Adventure Time in Hamburg

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 27, 2014, 5:06 AM

Yeah, so I am obviously back safely, and uuhhh... I think I'll just share my *experiences*

So, first off, if you go to a foreign town or city, always make sure that you know what you want to do there if you have several hours left until your ride back (in my case the train) arrives.  I had no idea where to go to and I had like four hours to spend. I didn't even have a city map. I ended up walking aimlessly around and getting soaked since it was too windy for an umbrella. I had like the worst curry sausage in my life, and yeah... so, always try to figure out some kind of schedule. Also think about what to do if the weather ain't that bright.

So, my folder was delivered without any troubles, I even could take the post stamps with me again. I walked a bit through the quater, discovering a hat shop, a tea shop, and whatnot, everything early 1900s, and dang, what a world to live in. I think I kind of fell in love.
Then I went back to the train station (it's really smelly compared to both in Kassel but actually no surprise), had that curry sausage, and then walked a bit around. I found the Kusthalle, yet I had not enough money to go there. Otherwise it'd had been the perfect place to spend the remaining four hours in - it's a museum and therefore has a roof.
A few metres away were some benches near the water, so I sat down there and watched the boats and fountain, the wind being quite heavy, so the water regularly flew into my face - it was kind of amusing. Because of the gentle spray I really couldn't figure whether it was raining. At some point I moved on to have a look at the city centre. My first impression was, fuck, it really rains, and my umbrella isn't made for that kind of storm. And whoa they have like everything in ten times bigger. I saw a Saturn shop that was as big as one of our Shopping Malls in Kassel, but I went on, the rain having vanished again.
I ended up sitting down somewhere again, observing busses passing by (they have a schedule that maybe our tram has, and even they are less often than the Hamburger busses). I tried to make the time pass by as fast as possible, yet it barely worked and I was forced to wander around again. Again, I ended up at the central station, went back to the place where I sat first at the water. I still had like three hours to kill, and sat down (though not where I sat before since I figured the lovebirds rather were left alone).
So I sat there, a bit clueless what to do in first place, when a group of chattering girls walked by, one of them suddenly stopping, saying "Excusez-moi" (so maybe they were French who knows) - I first didn't get that she meant me, explaining this with an eloquent 'huh' - then pulling out her phone and making a photo of her and me (I tried to smile away my confusion. Also I looked very dashing since the wind tusseled my hair extremely), said 'Thanks' and then wandered off. I still wonder why she chose to take a photo with me but OK. I try not to think too much about it.
At some point I remembered having the Chicken Curry from Tuesday with me, so I decided to eat it now as I had time and not in the train or when I had to catch a vehicle - only to notice that the box had leaked. So my Harry Potter 4, notebook, and note pad had a nice yellow edge. Luckily it happened AFTER I had handed in my sketch book and the application forms. I ended up cleaning my brother's (yes, it wasn't even my bag because we swapped that day) bag with the rest of my tissues, and ate maybe ten forks of it since the rice was trouble to eat. I threw the rest in the trash can near by. Then I sat there for another while until it was honestly PISSING. I fled into Europa Passage, bought a post card for a friend with whom I started writing letters (she lives like 15 minutes from my home) again, and I thought this would be a fine occassion. Unfortunately, the postcard shop had no stamps, and I didn't want to take one of the 60 ct ones because you could save 15 ct. I ran around to find a post shop but there weren't any. I ended up in the giant Saturn shop on the CD, DVD, and Venyl floor. I don't know for how long it was, but it wasn't enough time passing.
I went back to the central station, actually hoping for a café to sit in but there were just too many "to go" things and starbucks was too expensive for my wallet. I ended up sitting in front of the toilets for at least 1 1/2 hours, and I was pretty down. I saw a really hot security guy, but that's it, it was just admireing that fine booty from afar. I didn't want to write or read anything since it still was yellow from the curry. Finally the train arrived, I drank the rest of my tea (it was ice cold by then) and half-way doze off. An Asian looking woman sat a few seats away, she looked really beautiful, and it was really cute that she made expressions to what she just read (it reminded me a lot in my brother because he does the exact same). At one point she fell asleep and her mouth fell open slightly. She was really cute.
In Hannover, a guy with a lot of luggage asked if the seat next to me was still free, and let me tell you he was hot, and my brain really didn't function very well. I blurred out something like a harsh "yes" and thank God I did wear make-up, otherwise I'd have looked like a tomato. However, these were the only words we exchanged. He exited in Göttingen, so it was just two stops. I really can't handle hot people.
My mum welcomed me at the train station and we went home together. That' - that's it, that's been me in Hamburg, and let me tell you, never go alone or without a plan because you can feel so terribly lost.

Also thanks to all of you who supported and still support me so much and who believe I actually can make it! Now I have to wait for a letter from Hamburg. Either they invite me for Ability Tests or they refused my folder. Keept the fingers crossed it's the previous. Oh Gosh...

(Also sorry for my long-ass journal )


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